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COVID-19 Guidance

Our Covid-19 Guidance:


  • We care about your health, our health, and the health of our community. 
  • Under the guidance of our Health Safety Officer – Greta Fox, David Fox Photography is following up-to-date, science-informed policies which may exceed current local and federal guidance.


  • While the state of emergency has been lifted, the CDC and WHO are very clear that Covid is not over, and that it continues to mutate and spread. The science is clear that while vaccination/boosting is one of many important layers of protection, immunity wanes over time, and new variants are showing some resistance, so vaccines alone are not enough.
  • Science also shows us that reports of community case rates lag behind the actual numbers, and fluctuations consistently outpace federal and local guidance updates. 
  • Between 10 – 50% of all cases result in Long Covid, including young, healthy, vaccinated people with mild infections, which ultimately impacts us all.
  • The repeated cycles of easing protections before cases are truly low enough contributes to new variants which drive repeated surges which in turn promote more mutations.
  • We therefore continue to take steps to prioritize the safety and well-being of our families, staff, clients, and colleagues.


By continuing to follow the basics  – The 3 V’s:

  • Very Good Masks 

We wear well-fitted N95’s, KN95’s, KF94’s or elastomerics on location at all times when indoors, or when in proximity to clients outdoors. Learn more about selecting, wearing, caring for and sourcing reliable masks here .

  • Ventilation and Filtration

We recognize that Covid-19 is airborne and highly contagious. It mainly spreads when we “share our air” in indoor or crowded outdoor environments. Adequate ventilation and filtration of indoor air, to remove or inactivate viral particles, is essential for reducing transmission by promoting good indoor air quality (IAQ). This is especially important when mask and vaccine verification mandates are lifted or unenforced while the virus is still transmitting in the community.

  • Vaccination and Boosters

Our staff is fully vaccinated against Covid-19 and up to date on recommended boosters, unless exempted.

Science also shows us that ~ 40% of transmission is asymptomatic and that reported case counts lag behind the actual numbers, therefore case fluctuations consistently outpace guidance updates.

The Biden administration has launched a Clean Air in Buildings Challenge and the CDC has released updated indoor air guidelines as has ASHRAE.

In the meantime, our policy is confirm adequate venue IAQ using a simple checklist, developed in consultation with engineering professionals which guides our respiratory protection.

We have evaluated many of the major venues in our area, most of which, happily, are vetted, and if we haven’t yet assessed yours, we will do so.