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Naomi: The Faces of Breast Cancer

A joint collaboration by Find The Cause Breast Cancer Foundation & David Fox, Photographer The Faces of Breast Cancer: A Photographic Journey was a project born out of a tragic loss, and the determination to show the in-discriminatory nature of breast cancer. Breast cancer has no bias and can occur at any age, to any race, and any gender. 90% of those diagnosed with breast cancer have no family history. Find The Cause Breast Cancer Foundation’s mission is fund scientific research looking at the environmental causes of breast cancer and to answer the question: “Where is Breast Cancer Coming From?”. The individuals, and their families, shown in these images, serve as an inspiration to fund the research, find the cause, and protect future generations from this terrible disease.

I’m Naomi, I was born in Mobile, Alabama and I was 39 years old at the time of my diagnosis. I have no family history of breast cancer. My life was changed because I wasn’t able to do the things I loved to do. Breast cancer in 1988 was different. Today they have support groups, websites, health fairs and better survival centers.