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Headshots for Boston Hotel Executive Team

Boston indoor headshot pose

Adam Sperling, General Manager of the Hotel Commonwealth located in the heart of Kenmore Square in Boston recently asked us (David Fox Photography in Boston) to come and make headshots for the hotel executive team.

Having made Adam’s headshot and family portrait in the past, it’s always great when a client has had a wonderful experience working with you and when the need arises, they call you back in. I especially love working with Adam and his team. They, like us, are extremely customer oriented, and I just knew this opportunity to photograph the executives was going to be special.

Onsite for the Executives Headshot Session

When I arrived, I was warmly greeted by the hotel concierge who immediately offered a cart to help me bring in my photography gear. I met Adam at the second floor, and after a hug hello, he guided me to the newer section of the hotel where the glassed-in, framed hallway overlooks the Mass. Turnpike, with lots of natural light that illuminated the brick wall on the opposite side. I thought: what a lovely space and background to make headshots of Adam and his executive team.

After rearranging some of the furniture, I started setting up my gear.

Makeup Artist for the Executives

Unbeknownst to me, the hotel had hired a makeup artist, which was a pleasant surprise! I’m always super happy to have an MUA and hair stylist on set. This allows me to focus on my subject, knowing they’re going to look great.

The makeup artist, Jessica Galdy and I had not worked together before. After a few moments of conversation, I knew we were in good hands.

Boston headshot makeup application

Once we were set up, the executive team members began arriving for their headshots to be taken.

Immediate ease and rapport with the executives

My partner Greta and I having been in the meetings, events and hospitality industry for a really long time, and have the same philosophy: it’s all about customer service. Being very active as sponsors of MPI, PCMA, HSMAI, MLA, and Meet Boston, we have relationships with a lot of industry colleagues. I already knew many of the people I photographed that day, and there was an immediate comfort level.

People in the hospitality industry are attentive to their appearance and how they present themselves. It’s that first impression that says everything about them and the brand they represent. As the photographer, I make sure that the images I make truly present them in their best possible light.

Photographing with Intention

I’m very deliberate and particular about how people should appear in their portraits, taking my time and giving each person the attention they need. In fact, before I pick up the camera, I’ll give them a visual once over. I make sure every hair is in place, ties and necklaces are straight, clothing sits well, etc.. On this day, everyone commented on my attention to detail. This also helps keep them focused on me and not on all of the lights and umbrellas.

Time to make everyone smile!

It’s all about the experience. Once I had made some photos, I showed them on my iPad, letting each executive flip through the images to make sure they liked what they saw. I also included Jessica in this process so she could see how beautifully her work photographs in real time. If the client wants to try some other poses, arrange their hair differently, or try different clothing or accessories, I’m happy to keep photographing until they are satisfied that the look they had in mind has been captured. The goal is for everyone to be very happy with their portraits.

After the session, Greta sent each person a link to their proofs so they could make their headshot selections. Then Greta made any needed touchups and delivered the finished portraits to each of the executives.

Boston hotel executive headshot
Adam Sperling, General Manager of the Hotel Commonwealth

This was a fun session with an executive staff in Boston who had been looking forward to updating their headshots.

Note: One executive was unable to attend this session. (When one or more people are unable to attend a scheduled group headshot session, we have them come to our photography studio for their portrait.) In this instance, in order to keep the “environment” the same, I took a photo of the brick wall that we had used as a background for the headshots. My team and I will composite the missing person’s portrait against that background so that it will match the photos of the rest of the team.

The photographers at David Fox Photography have taken thousands of headshot images throughout the years. We highlight a handful of those headshots on our Corporate Headshots page. We invite you to take a look, then call us (617) 734-6240 to schedule your headshot session!