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Folk Americana Roots Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony: By David Fox Photography

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“Folk Americana Roots Hall of Fame FARHOF Induction Ceremony: Photographer Take-Aways from A Distinguished Weekend of Making Music History”

David Fox Photography recently had the privilege of capturing the Folk Americana Roots Hall of Fame (FARHOF) Induction Ceremony, hosted in the lobby of the elegant Wang Theater, inside the Boch Center in Boston, Massachusetts. The event, hosted by President and CEO of the Boch Center Joe Spaulding, was a celebration of the rich history of Folk Americana and its influence on American culture and music. The weekend abounded with incredible performances from a number of folk legends including the incomparable Joan Baez, Tom Rush, Noel Paul Stookey and Peter Yarrow, Chuck McDermott, Livingston Taylor, Josh White Jr., Frank Hamilton, and Will Daley. Numerous family members represented those nominees who could not attend, including Amy Helm, Fiona Prine, Meredith Lightfoot, Henry Taylor, and many more. David Fox Photography was hand-selected for this event; here are some of the keys to successfully executing high-profile events. 

Capturing the Moments: Politeness and Professionalism

When working with high-profile clients and individuals, I generally have one great rule I offer to those who often ask, “How do you maintain your composure?! How do you act?” and it’s shockingly simple: act normal! It is essential to treat everyone with the same level of respect and professionalism. While it may be tempting to be starstruck by celebrities and renowned figures in the music industry, it is crucial to remember that they are regular people who appreciate being treated as such. Avoid rushing them for photos or bombarding them with compliments. Now, a polite compliment after you thank them for stopping by to get their picture taken or perhaps a well timed snippet of praise for their performance in between poses is far more appropriate. Being a professional means being constantly discerning and attentive, knowing when to offer more and when to hold back.

Be polite, kind, and attentive to their demeanor as they walk in the venue doors. Do they enter with large confident strides, smiling and meeting eyes at every turn? Or do they enter quietly, with measured half-smiles and head nods? Recognizing the energy and “vibe” of each person can help you anticipate their reactions and provide the right amount of guidance when taking their photograph.

Group Photos and Direction: Establishing Rapport

Group photos can be a great opportunity to highlight your expertise in directing subjects. Many individuals feel awkward posing for photos and will look to you for guidance. Making light “silly” style jokes as you place your subjects into position can make an incredible difference in the comfort and naturalness of your subject which is reflected in the final images. It creates a point of connection between the photographer and the subject, which in turn allows their true persona to shine through in the photos. Keep in mind that how you interact with guests and the impression you leave on them can significantly impact future opportunities. It can sometimes be the deciding factor in whether that client chooses to give you a ring when it comes time for their next event. 

Versatility and Expertise: The Key to Success

As a seasoned photographer for high-profile events, versatility and expertise are essential components of your success. Whether you are skilled in studio photography, concert photography, conference photography, or candid photography, being adaptable and experienced in various specialties can set you apart in the industry. For this event, we first used a simple studio headshot-style lighting setup at the branded step-and-repeat in the front lobby. We then transitioned into the main lobby to capture candid and posed photos of the dinner, speeches, awards and performances. In other words, it pays to develop expertise in all of these areas, to develop the capacity and adaptability to alternate seamlessly between specialized types of photography. To know when to turn the flash off during the performances. To break from the huddle of other photographers and rush up stage to capture a unique and unforgettable angle of the performance at a key moment. 

There is little that instills more confidence in your abilities as a photographer than being able to execute high profile events for your clients successfully, again and again.

By implementing these strategies and techniques, you can ensure a successful and memorable experience for both your clients and their guests.