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Corporate Photography Trends in 2024

corporate photography trends 2024


The more things change, the more they stay the same. While keeping up with cutting-edge technology and reflecting social trends through imagery are ongoing processes, staying focused and on target about brand messaging is critically important, now more than ever.

Illustrating authenticity is about showcasing the real people behind the brand, highlighting their stories, and creating a connection with their target audience. As companies strive to communicate authenticity and convey a sense of genuine connection, corporate photography has shifted from staged and highly processed photos to more natural and organic images that put their best faces forward and capture the essence of a company’s brand and culture.

Corporate photography at David Fox Photography

Our goal is to exceed client expectations. As professional corporate event photographers and professional headshot photographers with decades of experience, we’ve always found that communication and attention to detail are key. People are always surprised and pleased by how quickly we respond to requests for services or information, and by our approach to presenting customized proposals.

Custom proposal for your corporate event

We don’t just send back a “cold quote” – we seek information and details, starting by familiarizing ourselves with their company or event websites and reviewing any posted headshots or images from past events, and then requesting a phone call to discuss their needs.

We want to have the opportunity to listen to the client and understand their plans and the types of images they are looking for. For corporate event photography, we discuss their priorities as well as their delivery needs for both rapid social media photos during the event and edited, high-res images which are ready to go to work for them afterward. For headshot photography, we ask whether they want to maintain consistency with their current look or to update and rebrand. Frank yet sensitive discussion about budget considerations is also helpful to our process of crafting a service proposal that works well for everybody.

Partnering and maintaining relationships with current and future clients is the lifeblood of our business. I think this concept has become somewhat lost amid the increasing reliance on technology, and my belief is that it’s become even more important in the last few years to offer personalized services. Call us old-fashioned, but we like to pick up the phone and and speak with people, and see where it leads!